How it Works

How it Works

As a contracted data furnisher, The Verification Company is not a credit repair company. Instead, we report individuals’ historical rent payments to all three credit bureaus.

By obtaining and reporting 24 months of payments, we have helped customers increase their credit score 40 points on average (and sometimes 100 points or more) in just a matter of weeks. Our unique process transforms those everyday payments into a glowing credit report.


The customer signs up with The Verification Company.


They provide documents to prove their identity, along with an e-sign waiver allowing The Verification Company to contact the landlord or property manager on their behalf.


We obtain, verify, and upload historical rent payments directly as an aged tradeline.

Mortgage and real estate professionals, property managers, and auto dealerships love working with us

because we make them look like rock stars. With a simple referral to our website, you are able to help your clients improve their credit score in weeks without having to dispute anything with the credit bureaus. Their rental history works in their favor, and you end up with happier, qualified buyers.